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Communication designed to inspire change

Communications. Change Management. Design Thinking. Workshop Facilitation.

About Us

We are a Sydney based, marketing and communications specialist with more 25 years of experience in creating and managing marketing communications programs. You’ll find a diverse blend of skills and expertise, developed over years of corporate, entrepreneurial and life experience. We have helped small businesses, start-ups and multinationals to enhance their communications.

Embark on a design-led innovation journey

Our approach is to design targeted and relevant communication to support staff and customers through the change management process.

Our skills lie in the ability to think differently, not constrained by existing processes and thinking. We enjoy the processes of taking people on a journey to uncover unexplored elements of their business.

We want to help you to grow your business by improving your customer experience. Once we know what customers want, we design a new experience for you that addresses those needs.

Whether it’s planning, managing short-term projects, or facilitating workshops, we can help you achieve your goals, and carefully created to promote your point of difference, every time.



We can help to solve your toughest problems and work together. With our design thinking capabilities, we position ourselves in the shoes of your customers to design, build and launch experiences.

When an innovative solution is required to move your project forward, consider a Design Thinking workshop to solve problems and inspire change.

Accelerate positive change

We help our clients build design thinking capability and lead change through experiential learning programmes, innovation consulting and joint innovation projects.

  • Understanding the challenge, preparing research and gathering inspiration
  • Explore new ideas and develop new services
  • Explore the early phases of a project to broaden the perspectives
  • Find new angles to solve complex problems
  • Enhance your employee and customer experience
  • Cope with digital transformation
  • Developing communication strategy to gain support and buy-in
  • Integrating Design Thinking to your organisation’s business excellence framework
  • Embedding Design Thinking mindsets, behaviours and culture into your organisation


Solve customer problems, think the way consumers think and feel and then to map their pain points. It is also about understanding and anticipating their future needs.

We can assist you to:

  • Develop personas
  • Develop channel maps and gaps
  • Define the customer’s pain points
  • Build customer journey maps


Implementing change, transforming organisations, developing high performance cultures, to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

We can assist to:

  • Develop internal communications
  • Facilitate workshops and town halls
  • Plan and manage change projects


We introduce an iterative approach, involve all stakeholders to generate and design ideas and to define the solution jointly. We also tackle problems that are ill-defined or unknown.

We can assist you to:

  • Embed a customer excellence culture
  • Adopt a customer-first philosophy
  • Build personas and empathy maps

Design Thinking

Redesign your services and processes to create a unique customer experience that enables your organisation to differentiate from your competitors, we will train and guide your project teams to implement Design Thinking principles and set up the appropriate infrastructure.

With the rapid uptake of technology, consumers are increasingly choosing products and services based on the quality of the their experiences. To meet these challenges, Design Thinking processes and tools are increasingly being adopted in Voice of Customer processes and organisational innovation initiatives.

Design Thinking is a human-centred, iterative problem-solving process of discovery, ideation, and experimentation. The process employs various techniques to gain insight and uncover innovative solutions for virtually any type of business challenge. This method combines both analytical and creative approaches to generate solutions.

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If you're not keeping score, you're just practising

Apply the same old thinking, get the same old results

Develop a new mindset to achieve new results

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